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Saturday, 28 July 2012

PCCare247.com: Tech Support gets a new lease of Life

When PC users end up having a trusted IT support partner and instant computer technical support provider all ready to provide cutting-edge troubleshooting services PCs, laptops, printers, scanners, digital cameras and MP3 players, the term Tech Support certainly ends up acquiring a new meaning. And in this, it wouldn’t be worth mincing words that PCCare247 with its team of Microsoft-Certified techies  is anything but emerging as one of the most reliable and trusted Technical Support Services provider. The organization works towards  ensuring clients would end up getting anything but the best technical support services 24x7 to PC, thus enabling them overcome any unwanted technical issues and in the hindsight allowing them to work smoothly and seamlessly at the same instance.

Tech Support Services portfolio with a difference
At PCCare247, the overall motto Tech Support Services portfolio is to simply go ahead and sort out all computer related issues instantly in order to not only enhance the overall performance of a computer system but henceforth raise the overall productivity by quite some notches. Every techie is trained to help out PC users with all types of issues starting right from guiding to set-up, installation to configuration of new computer system, installation of software to correctly using applications, fixing software glitches with PCs and laptops, virus/spyware removal, quick resolution for any printer issues and guiding PC users in working with various complex computer and software applications.

Round-the-clock Tech Support Services from PCCare247
Every now and then a regular PC user is bound to come across a range of technical issues. These technical issues if not addressed on time can not only further end up complicating the situation on hand but also lead to an unprecedented surge in repair expenses. So, in short all that can be said is one should never end up ignoring any issues even though it doesn’t end up having a bearing on one’s current condition. Thus, at PCCare247, clients can end up calling the tech support services helpline for any network setup issues, virus and malware removal, troubleshooting software glitches with PCs, laptops, printers, scanners, digital cameras and MP3 Players.

PCCare247’s Services Portfolio at a Glance
PCCare247 as a premier tech support entity works only with on objective and that would be to provide quick technical services at cost-effective prices. And as it further ends up being the case not only are all the techies at the premier tech support entity are not only highly skilled but at the same instance have many years of experience behind them. All in all, working towards providing a wide portfolio of remote tech support services at highly affordable prices which PC users would find hard to source from anywhere else.

·         PC setup and installation
·         Laptop installation and troubleshooting
·         Installation and upgradation of software
·         Cabling and installation
·         Data backup and transfer
·         System security testing
·         Microsoft windows and applications
·         Pop-up blockers
·         Operating system upgrades
·         Wired and wireless networking
·         Software installation and upgrades
·         Diagnosis and Repair
·         Virus and spyware removal
·         Remote computer support
·         Operating system restoral
Techs support Services need to be flawless in orientation if a PC user was to end up getting the most out of them. And in this instance services from PCCare247 tend to live up to the most stringent of expectations. With Microsoft-Certified ready to provide nothing but the best Tech Support Services the going is anything is always considered to be good.

Friday, 20 July 2012

How to Get Hassle-free Computer Help? – PCCare247.com

Every passing day technology is becoming smarter and so do the complexities accompanying it. Your computer may be a technological marvel but when something goes wrong with it, the whole world seems to be crashing down! It’s not only your machine hiccups you have to face, it’s a whole vicious ensnare in which you fall. Your work suffers and you have no other option other than carrying your system to the local service station or to invite strangers at your home for getting computer repair. Isn’t any placid way to get out of all this?

Catch Up with New Trend

If technology has evolved so do the ways to tackle the can of worms associated with it. Now getting computer help is as easy as doing nothing. The name of this new solution is Online Technical Support. Just a simple search on Google will get you across innumerable online tech support providers. Choose the most reliable and entrusted of the lot and then set your way for a hassle-free computer repair experience. Most of these providers offer you a potpourri of services ranging from virus removal, antivirus support, PC optimization to support for your operating system, software, networks, printers, peripherals and lot more. Moreover, these providers have a miscellany of plans set according to your budget. Choose the one best suited to your needs and you can sit back and relax thereafter as after every PC hiccup you just have to call your service provider and they will do the rest of the needful.

Choose the Authentic One

A word of caution before you starts searching for your online technical support provider. As the new fad is a lucrative business and therefore many thugs are also taking advantage of the situation. It’s always advisable to delve into this domain before proceeding.

PCCare247 is the most entrusted and authentic name in the domain of Online technical support. A variety of affordable plans and a range of satisfied customers elucidate its dependability for getting computer help.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

PCCare247 Reviews: Top Five Customer Reviews about PCCare247 Inc.

In a worldwide survey, we found millions of satisfied customers of PCCare247.com. Top five customer reviews that will help user to choose best tech Support Company.
New York, United State, 18 July 2012: A recently published internal audit report conducted by PCCare247’s quality team has revealed the fact that there has been a marked rise in overall satisfaction levels for those availing PCCare247 technical support services on YOY (year on year) basis. The report is based on the analysis of a set of benchmarks, which includes the live call testing of calls made by technicians to the customers and vice a versa, the number of charge-back claims that come after an unsatisfactory service delivery, etc. Besides this, the reviews and rip-off reports were also taken into consideration for generating a clear and transparent view of the current situation.

The report findings reveals that not a single call made to the customers had any misquoted facts and no false claims were made to the clients. Also, things were not exaggerated during diagnosis of the faults of a particular system and furthermore not even a single penny is charged over the actual price of the service.

The outcome of this report can well be verified through the testimonies of PCCare247 customers dotting the globe. Ms. Cathy Brown says, “I found www.PCCare247.com as excellent, honest and a professional tech support assistance provider because they fix my laptop antivirus related issues “your computer system might be at risk” in just half an hour. They charged me convenient cost of their impressive or excellent service and my laptop is working properly.”  www.computer-maintenance.knoji.com/yes-pccare247-is-totally-legitimate/

Another patron Mr. Justin Langer added “ PCCare247 ( http://www.pccare247.com ) is a legitimate company with a registered office at New York City, United States of America, with millions of satisfied customers worldwide. I hope this review helps the innocent computer users to distinguish between the legitimate and a fraud company.” www.reviewstalk.com/complaints-reviews/pccare247-l26418.html

Besides this, PS Reviewer shared his experience by saying “I tried repeatedly to install Open Office on my computer without success. I finally bit the bullet and contacted PCCare247 at +1-855-877-5848. They solved my problem quickly and professionally. I am now in my second year with their support. It’s well worth the modest cost. Thanks for publish such a great review about PCCare247 Inc.” www.productandservicereview.com/pccare247-good-company-and-great-service/

The other appreciator is Allen Young from Australia, who says, “The technicians of PCCare247 fixed my PC within few hours unlike my local technician who took 3-4 days and even charged a lot. Ever since I took the plan of PCCare247, I have saved myself of all the problems of taking the computer to the shop and waiting for days to get it fixed.” www.pccare247-reviews.measuredup.com/Review-PCCare247-Great-Tech-help-provider-51656

And at last, this lady named Murphy goes on explaining like, how like a hard-core music lover like her, PCCare247 proved to be true redeemer when her music player broke down in the middle of the night. Like these five service users, there have been many who are benefitted with PCCare247 technical support services. Indeed, this is the reason that today PCCare247 is proud of having thousands of customers all over the world in a short span of three years.  www.zzlives.com/archives/107

About PCCare247:
PCCare247 is an online technical support provider, which provides technical support for various issues related to computers and their peripherals. The company caters its services to its broad client base located at the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Canada and many other countries. The services it offers include, Brand Support, Mac Support, Antivirus Support, Microsoft Support, Network Support, Peripheral Support, etc.

For further details you can log on to http://www.pccare247.com/

Or alternatively, get in touch with the company at:

Office No. 3, 6th Floor,
DLF Cyber City, Building No. 14B,
Gurgaon, Haryana - India
Phone: +91-124-4655200
Fax: +91-124-4655299

600 Mamaroneck Avenue
Suite 400 PMB # 400-18, Harrison
NY 10528
Ph. No. : +1-888-291-2867
Fax No. : +1-516-908-4908

Monday, 9 July 2012

Get Rid of Router Blues with Belkin Router Support

As technology is changing rapidly, Belkin too is trying everything to provide the electronic world with unique products engrossed with advanced technology. And today, with its persistent hard work, it has come a long way in exploring and inventing new opportunities. Having received many accolades from both by the industry and the users, Belkin tops the chart in networking trade. Today, Belkin caters to different genres of consumers such as small set up of 1 to 3 desktop, laptop and, internet devices. It provides you with N600 DB that comes with dual band and 1USB for 300 mbps speed and wireless printing and storages respectively, catering best to the home users. If you have medium set up then, it has N750 DB that comes with high powered signals, 4 Gigabit ports for ultra-fast file sharing. And for a little bigger set up, it has come up with N900 DB, whose dual band gives you a speed of up to 450 mbps, loaded with powerful processing for media-intensive multitasking and exclusive Multibeam technology with high powered signals for optimized video streaming from multiple devices, virtually anywhere. 

Predicaments with your router

Certainly, when it comes to selecting a router, the first name that comes to the mind is of Belkin, and that is because of its unmatchable performance, which enables a user to connect to different networks at the same time. But along with its peculiarities, it is often found to be fixed with mechanical technicalities and because of that it sometimes goes out of order that directly affects its suave functioning. A myriad of issues can be held responsible for this mayhem, which can range from breaking of DNS relay function, network channel interference, firewall issues, to wireless connection, setting up of wired/ wireless routers, problems with installation and up-gradation of router and so on so forth.
It is most frustrating and helpless situation when you cannot connect your computer system to the internet or any other network and it goes all out especially when despite knowing the root cause of problem, you can’t repair it due to lack of knowledge about the core technicalities. For this matter, online technical support provider can be of great help, but before you go and subscribe for these services, make sure that the company is a trusted one, and one among these reliable names in the market. It provides you with a comprehensive Belkin router support that includes a wide variety of services. PCCare247 has a team of skilled technicians, who have years of experience in dealing with such issues, the moment they look at the concerned subject, they quickly make out the root cause of the matter and then take appropriate line of action to repair it without wasting a second. To avail this service the only thing you have to do is to dial our toll free telephone number and register your problem with their customer care executive and they assures you the rest.       

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