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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Take note for the Social Media is indeed a potent source of Malware

Social media even though considered to be a vital cog in the communication process tends to possess chinks in its armour through which malware can easily seep into an organization. And in this scenario just to put the point across; the famous breed of malware which gets introduced into an organization through unfettered use of social media popularly tends to comprise of:

Malware Removal• Koobface
The worm is known to target social media biggies such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace along with other social media sites. The main goal of the worm is to gather login information for purposes of building a peer-to-peer botnet.

• Boonana
Written in Java and first reported in late October 2010, Boonana is known to target Macs. The modus operandi of this worm is very much like that of Koobface.

• Bugat
Considered to resemble the infamous keystroke-logging malware Zeus, Bugat is responsible for delivering a large-scale phishing attack against famous social media application LinkedIn. www.pccare247.com

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