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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Hackers Inc. is all geared up to strike at will

The term ‘Hacker’ ends up bringing to mind an image of an evil genius who is socially dysfunctional, is a wiz at software programming and always has a burning desire to save the mankind. Well, that is true, but then considering the entire population of hackers out there; the need is to further break down the whole breed into a zoology like classification. Starting with:
  • White Hat
To start with the ‘White Hat’ breed of hackers is considered to be the most sober amongst the lot. For this class of hackers believes in breaching a network only with permission.
  • Grey Hat
The grey hats portray themselves as White hats but try and force their way into a network without permission. The ulterior motive behind such a move is just to either have fun or make profit.
  • Black Hat
Computer HelpThis class of hackers comprises of pure geniuses with an evil bent of mind. Acting on monetary incentives such hackers end up forcing their way into a network without permission.  
  • Script Kiddies
They are the babies in the hacking word. Not having any real hacking experience behind them; this lot of hackers scouts around to get a footing in the information world.
  • Mules
Way at the bottom rung of the hierarchy in the hacking world, mules are recruited by hackers to accept money stolen via online funds on their behalf.

But at the end of the day all said and done more important than individual skills are any hacker’s affiliation. And leading this charge is a class of hackers who have a political belief. The most famous of such groups is ‘Anonymous’, a faction which ironically uses hacker attacks to force governments and corporations to become more transparent. A group which came to light when it ended up attacking Web sites of MasterCard and Visa for their decision to stop accepting donations meant for Wikileaks’ founder Julian Assange. For Effective Tech Support Services visit: www.pccare247.com

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