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Thursday, 13 October 2011

The Battle for a more Secure OS Rages On

The battle lines have been drawn and both the operating systems are going all out to woo PC users. Moreover, supporters from both the camps are also pitching in to prove as to why their OS has a bigger fan following over the other. However,in the recent past things have started to become more interesting for it seems the onslaught unleashed by the Mac Malware and Trojans has ended up bringing down things to quite an even keel.

Malware Blues: Mac OS Vs Windows
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The sparring continues with regards to ability of both the OS to resist malware. Mac users have an unflinching belief that their OS has only a fraction of vulnerabilities as compared to Windows. But then again to counter the argument Windows aficionados have a belief the subscriber base for their OS is way too big and the Mac has just got to show only a fraction of the same.

Honey, it’s all in the genes
The follies affecting the Microsoft OS are certainly a result of poor engineering rather a large subscriber base. For when Microsoft Windows 95 was launched, the internet and high-end network connectivity had started to grow by leaps and bounds. The advancement ended catching Microsoft on the wrong foot for the amateur PC users using the OS became too easy a prey for hackers and malware. And yes, if it may be pointed out the insecure coding of the OS did not help matters out much either.

On the other hand the Mac was always recognized for its ability to provide a good baseline security and a safe haven where malware was always kept at bay. But then again in the recent times it seems viruses and Trojans such as OSX.Trojan.iServices.B, has ended up blowing the Mac’s security hoopla to smithereens.    

All the more it seems Mac social engineering attacks have gained momentum in the recent past. However, cybercriminals have also ended up realizing the malware being developed by them ends up promising far less returns and ends up gobbling a huge chunk of their resources. Leading to a conclusion the stakes are way far too less as and where Mac users are concerned. And better still at the end of the day, the malware unleashed by them would end up reaping far better returns if and when a larger population comprising of Windows users was to be targeted. 

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