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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

A sneak peek at Microsoft’s forthcoming OS Windows 8

Very soon Windows 8 is going to make its mark into the world of operating systems. And yes, even though Microsoft officials are tightlipped about what the new OS brings to the table; a sniff about the features incorporated into it would be essentially what all die-hard aficionados would be hankering for.  So, here goes a rundown of some of those popular features which have been incorporated into the new OS.

·         Internet Explorer 10  
OS Support
After the successful launch of Windows IE 9, the Microsoft team started to work on it new innovation the IE 10. Considered to be notches above its predecessors, the new IE boasts of increased support for HTML 5 and an enhanced degree of compatibility for cascading style sheets and properties such as gradients and a flexible layout. Further, the new version of IE also tends to boast of multi touch capability which was missing in the previous version.

·         High-end Security
The Windows 8 series has ended up bolstering its defenses against all remote and local attacks. A functionality of the system christened as the Smart Screen protects users from launching potentially dangerous files.

·         Improved user interface
Lauded for its ability in giving users a highly refined and rather a very smart looking interface for Windows 7, the team has carried on the same features on to Windows 8 but then again with a lot of improvements. Moreover, developers of the system have also ended up blending highly popular user interfaces such as Kinect and Windows phone 7 operating system’s Metro UI with the new OS.

·         Robust and cross-platform OS
Windows 8 will not only run on Intel processors but also on ARM processors which are not only the backbone of notebooks, tablets but for that matter a vast range of portable devices.

·         In-house application store
Following in the footsteps of Apple, Windows lets users purchase software or otherwise make downloads directly from within the system.

Additional features for a stronger OS
Even though above mentioned features really end up making Windows 8 strong in orientation, there are a gamut of other features which one really can’t afford to ignore. Those popularly being:  

·         A built in PDF reader
·         Quicker Installation
·         Reverting to factory settings in an eventuality
·         Integration of Microsoft Kinect directly with Windows
·         Integration with Windows live ID services

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