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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Common Impediments derailing an Online Tech Support Experience

Online Tech SupportFor those struggling with their PC, online tech support is considered nothing short of paradisiacal.  Considered to be a process where technical support executives are expected to stick their best foot forward to resolve a client’s grievances. Howbeit, in spite of such a concern, online tech providers woefully do also end up realizing they are not always fully equipped to meet every requirement. And with comparative studies further strengthening the claim, online channels do very well end up acting as a second fiddle to phone and in-person channels.

High-Fivers rubbing the wrong way
Taking the word of online tech support executives, there are five types of customer struggles coming in the way of providing a flawless experience. Classified as:

·         Blurry Path – On occasions Online Tech Support Executives feel clients are not sure about the path they need to tread. An issue forcing them to go back and forth from one page to another while experimenting with several alternative paths.    

·      Perplexing Cues – At times clients end up feeling confused about information displayed on a page. Be it the description of a product or the FAQ page they end up spending extra degree of time trying to figure it out.

·       Process Hassles  – In situations where there is a doubt of finishing a process, say for instance applying for a loan or changing around the settings of the account, it is for given a fact clients won’t be able to finish the process. Issues very often hard to spot as clients don’t even get started with the whole process.

·        Ruptured Content – There can be situations where clients while seeking information scatter content all across the site. In the hindsight, not realizing they end up creating unexpected paths for online tech support executives.  
·         Botched Up Systems – A site going down or returning unexpected error messages can end up being a big turn off for clients.

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