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Friday, 4 November 2011

Embrace Consumerization – Don’t wish it away

Emerging technologies are propelling IT industry ahead and it is about time organizations took notice of them. And It is about time IT departments started to shrug off their inhibitions and started to embrace concepts such as cloud computing, Consumerization and but of course Social Media with open arms. Using the same technologies to not only improve productivity of the employees but at the same time Ushering an era of work productivity like never before.    

Consumerization is ‘fait accompli
It is about time the senior management started recognizing Consumerization is here to stay and they cannot simply wish away devices such as personal smart phones, tablets, and laptops away. Devices which to say the least are inevitable and extremely pivotal for communication. For at the end of the day Consumerization is way more than just users connecting a personal device to the corporate network. It is anything but an experience which is driven by several inter-related trends such as:

• Enterprise Mobility
In a highly dynamic environment personally liable smart phones and tablets are slowly but surely becoming a norm. Users of such devices are more than happy in bringing such gadgets with them into an enterprise.

• Cloud Computing
Cloud-based infrastructure and applications whether public or private can be pivotal in driving down the Capex and other associated IT operational costs. More importantly, as it goes, cloud computing also ends up giving users an instant access to cloud-based alternatives and IT-controlled applications. To be used at the end of the day without any sort of involvement from the IT department.

• Social Media
Enterprises across the globe are on the cusp of a generational shift in how their workers communicate. And somehow in the consumer world such communications end up taking place in the form of online conversations on community forums, wikis and instant Messaging.

Considered to be immediate yet uncensored at the same time, it is worth pointing out that the above trends tend to thrive in a synergistic relationship. Wherein, cloud makes enterprise mobility possible and mobility drives more demand for cloud-based and mobile applications. While, on the other hand Social Media is the communication medium in which users end up collaborating with each other, search for new applications, share information and offer their opinions as and when asked for.

In short, this new era of Consumerization and mobility is changing the relationship between users and their enterprise. And it is about time, the management ended up taking note of it. www.pccare247.com

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