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Monday, 26 December 2011

Choke hackers Inc. with their own venom

Everything is going hunky-dory for your business, the online rankings are good, the internet marketing strategies seem to be leaving an impact, clients are thronging on to the site - in short business is doing well.  But then suddenly you wake one fine morning and end up finding your official portal has been hacked. Hackers Inc. have ended up punching gaping holes in the security. Leaving you with a persistent bot; now what?

Hacking Back In Self-Defense
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The bottom-line is hackers Inc. is pulling out all strings to screw up security systems. And organizations need to take a good hard look at every available vista for stopping the loss of their money, technology and secrets.  With new laws being explored, old ones being amended and solutions sought, it is about time an outside the box thinking was adopted and good guys in the bargain were given advantage or at least a fighting chance. Although technically difficult but clearly feasible, adopting a clear, forward, out-of-the-box thinking and analysis to put back get thing chugging along.

Haul the crooks by scruff of their neck
Nations can legally defend themselves but what about organizations? Bound by legal compulsions and a code of conduct they really can’t end up going beyond a certain limit. But then with one hundred percent security considered to be a myth, what does one really do?

With standard responses considered to be slow and in many cases not very effective, it is a presumption a business cannot reach beyond its own network for blocking an attacker in self-defense. However, I strongly intend to strike a discordant note! Even though refraining from advocating vigilantism, in reality the war in the cyberspace is being lost and it is about time one did a hard rethink on existing strategies and laws.

Not the one to mince any words further, it is really about time we went in for a hard rethink. Opening up a dialogue and moving the conversation further down the road to shape better responses, solutions, and laws. In the retrospect not even shying away from advocating organizations of using an automated code going beyond their network and eliminating threat via a self-defense master stroke.

Getting into the technicality of it all
To get rid of that nasty Trojan, Virus or a Bot put into the system, what if were to suggest that you ended up implanting a code on the phone-home function or communication function of the bot so that when it was to end up communicating with the CnC server for instructions, the communication path would be blocked or cut off by the code at the CnC server? Does it sound like a perfect solution? Not even close, so what, you are at a liberty to try other measures to finally nail the nasty bot. Is this hacking? Is it gaining unauthorized access to or trespassing on a computer system?

I really don’t think so, for at the end of the day my ideology of ‘fighting fire with fire’ is really what ends up giving a befitting reply to those unworthy hackers.

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