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Thursday, 1 December 2011

How to win loyal clientele via superlative online tech support?

In spite of the best client experience initiatives being led by someone from marketing, organizations boasting of superlative programs end up having a mixture of people who are responsible for coming out with periodical reports having a bearing on entire client base of an organization.

At the same time attached to the whole process they have something better known as a "case report", a document saving up information whenever a client ends up calling a contact centre to lodge either a compliment or a complaint.

Key Initiatives for flawless online tech support
Every contact centre can end up delivering a smooth tech support experience to its clients, provided it is ready to adhere to the following points:

·         Prompt action on Feedback
Online Tech SupportOrganizations failing to respond to client feedback are throwing away a chance to increase their base of satisfied and loyal clients. At the same time changes need to be deployed throughout the company and need to be communicated on a regular basis to employees and customers.

·         Client-Centric Processes
Organizations should identify processes crucial for clients rather than designing them with an objective of improving operational efficiencies.

·         Ensuring consistency via a united front  
Companies should ensure any information gleaned from a client during one interaction is not forgotten in the next channel.

·         Being receptive
Opening channels or extending hours are one way of doing it.  But it can be way more than that, say for instance it can be like building communities. It goes without saying that organizations need to be transparent, clear, open-minded and inclusive.

·         Personalization
Personalization can be complex, and it can lead to accentuated costs for the company. Companies need to evaluate the costs of personalization against sales benefits in order to improve a client’s experience in the longer run.

·         Altering company behavior and attitudes  
The most powerful actions in a client's experience are the ones taken by the employees. In a nutshell there can be three ways to alter employee behavior:
·         Recruitment of right employees
·         Laying down standards with policies, procedures and governance structures
·         Creation of training programs  for modifying employee behavior

·         Design the complete customer experience:
To just cut the whole thing short, it would be right to say - Organizations need to plan and design the client experience, rather than letting it "just happen". 

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