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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

How to measure and manage the impact of social media?

Ever since its inception social media has turned around the way we originally thought about branding our products on the “World Wide Web”. And yes with savvy marketers also going about and reading as well as responding to social media content, measuring the concept in terms of success and failure has somewhat become a sort of a norm. 

Discovering the entities involved
There are many entities involved from the start to the end in any successful social media campaign. Classification which really ends up enlisting consumers into five levels of engagement and on what basis they really end up responding to various online channels. At the end of the day primarily comprising of:
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·      Searchers at the most passive levels. This category is primarily involved with the task of scanning online resources for finding out specific information. And at the end of the day, a count of unique visitors thronging onto the site probably best captures this category.
·    The second category ends up comprising of Lurkers. A class consisting of individuals who every now and then like to drop on to a conversation but really don’t end up participating in it. This class of users can be treated as repeat visitors above a certain frequency. Say for instance when they start coming back to a site for about 3 or 5 times in a month.
·      A little bit more engaged class of visitors are the Casuals, participating lightly in any all sorts of social media. This class is identified via metrics such as percentage of comments they post as friends on either Facebook or by becoming followers on Twitter.
·  Ranking high on the hierarchy are the Actives who regularly retweet messages,  repeatedly participate in active forums and post messages frequently.
·       Last but the most important class is that of Defenders who are entrusted with the task of advocating, recommending and defending. This class is the most influential and the most active among all the categories.

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