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Monday, 14 November 2011

Propel your organization forward with these vital policies

For an organization to thrive and grow, a well-defined corporate policy is always warranted. Be it then again related to firewalls, backups, or personnel management, at any time of the day an organization would need security policies to keep itself on the forward march. However, the policies discussed here do not mean other policies are less important. And in any scenario, an organization might need to formulate as many as hundred of policies to be in sync with its objectives and vision. But then again, going into the nitty-gritty of every such policy would be nothing more of a herculean task. So out here we are just mentioning the vital policies which are considered to be more than handy. Starting with:

Acceptable User Policy (AUP)
PCCare247 ReviewsEvery organization needs to spell out its activities; allowed or prohibited. This step is specifically taken with regards to the usage of the official equipment and resource such as the internet. Say for instance, accessing adult sites or running one’s own personal agenda such as free lancing, is considered as activities contrary to the interests of an organization. Thus, at the end of the day AUP acts as a guide for employees to enhance their productivity without putting the organization at risk with risky activities contrary to the interests of a business.  

Privacy Policy
A privacy policy is responsible for disclosing what is private or not private while working on the company’s premises or its equipment.  A privacy policy is inclusive of activities such as use of security cameras, recording of keystrokes, monitoring of net usage. The policy also dictates what must be disclosed, what shouldn’t be, to whom the information is disclosed and for what purposes.  

Password Security
The password policy tends to comprise rules and regulations with regards to framing of passwords, characters used in a password, minimum and maximum age of a password and prevention of any password reuse. Under this policy users should be trained on how to select more secure passwords. The policy also works towards disabling of passwords wherein even after subsequent login attempts a user fails to log on.  

Disposal and Destruction of confidential data
Safe destruction and disposal of official documents is always warranted. For at the end of the day; dumpster diving might very well end up leading to confidential documents getting into the hands of either competitors or the government. 

Storage and Retention Policy
Data to be used in the future must be retained and stored properly. Backup devices alone won’t do and the use of a working media device such as backup software and compatible OS software is always considered as quintessential.

 Human Resource Policy
The human resource policy is always something on which an organization builds its foundation. For at the end of the day, the policy is responsible for recruitment and training of employees; considered as the most pivotal cog in the smooth running of any organization.

Firewall Policy
Firewalls are essential components of a computer security infrastructure. Responsible for keeping unwanted traffic at bay, a firewall policy dictates and describes how firewalls are to be implemented.

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