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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Beware!!! Scraping Attacks are on the Prowl!!

Computer Tech SupportWhenever we imagine a thief, we envision a masked man lurking in a dark alley? Or a teenage hacker nestled in a dimly lit basement striving to break into a remote Web server? But then in real time try and move past such clich├ęs, for data is even being swindled by big conglomerates belonging to the software, finance and event planning verticals.

Employing a technique better known as site scraping or alternatively called data harvesting, screen scraping or Web scraping, such entities resort to all means necessary for extracting data from a Website. Depending on the requirement; either manually copying Website content from Web browsers or employing software programs for an automatic extraction of data.

Fatal effects of Site Scraping
Site scraping can undermine victims’ revenues and profits by siphoning off clients and reducing competitiveness. Unfortunately, site scrapers can be very tough to differentiate from legitimate Web application users. However, when left unchecked, site scraping quickly ends up transitioning from merely being innocuous to malicious; especially when individuals or businesses end up reusing the scraped data for financial gain.

What Site Scraping intends to do?
  • Harvesting user information from social network sites or user forums
  • Plagiarizing content comprising of news articles, blog posts, medical information and financial research
  • Gathering product and pricing data for to peg back prices of goods and services for a rival
  • Collecting email IDs from Websites for spam email campaigns
  • Detecting changes on a competitor’s website
  • Republishing Website listings, such as job board postings, real estate listings, and phone directories
  • Re-purposing the scraped content for applications such as comparison shopping sites or reverse phone look up tools. 
  • “Auction sniping” or placing bids on online auction sites within minutes or seconds of the auction ending

The aforementioned actions end up violating the intended use of application data. And for Web-based companies, site scraping acts as a big threat to revenues and competitiveness; even endangering business viability.

Common Weaponry of Choice
Site scraping tools range from simple, home grown scripts to commercial scraping software embedded with Web browsers. Tools one would say not only come in good towards parsing HTML, DOM (Document Object Model) but even interpreting the most complex of Java Scripts. Often ranging from simple, custom scripts to advanced software tools with built-in browser-like capabilities designed to impersonate normal users. Many scraping tools also include Web site crawlers that help automate initial configuration. Ring and Grab Major Printer Support Virus Removal Support at +1-855-877-5848,

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    Scraping web sites for information of value can be done automatically by screen-scraper. Once you set up screen-scraper for a specific site it can crawl through the web pages, extracting out data such as stock quotes, mortgage rates, or travel itineraries. Thanks a lot.....

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