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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Look out!! Malware seeks to fuel its gluttonous zest with your PC

Instead of succumbing to the voguish threat hype, organizations and individuals can accentuate their threat tolerance through creation and promotion of a more secure system. Sprucing up defenses against an ever-evolving malware industry via strategic investment in security policies; thus eliminating vulnerabilities in the times to come.

Set your priorities Right!!
MalwareFor enhancing the malware-defense capability, security professionals would need to stop chasing malware flavor of the month and instead develop proactive security measures for proactively stopping it. All going on to suggest, if you have not opted for “defense against malware” as a top priority, it is high time you ended up doing so.

As time runs out variants in present times are fast becoming more polymorphic, stealthy, targeted and agile – indubitably leaving no doubt malware is capable of exploiting several vulnerabilities. With effect, giving security professionals sleepless nights and work hard towards detecting malicious elements looking to penetrate into an environment.

Sheath your PC out of harm’s way
Shielding a PC is easy if you know how!! Believe us, for following such handy tips is bound to ensure your PC remains in the pink of health.  

·         Offline malware and threat Detection
Inline technologies, such as IPS and secure Web gateways, need to adhere to line speed and therefore are restricted in the amount of analysis which can be performed. But, offline detection capabilities provided by a number of vendors in the market can go a long way in conducting a much deeper analysis and catching malware otherwise missed.

·         Whitelisting the maladies
In a highly controlled environment, white listing is a powerful tool against anomalies, including malware. One can end up applying it to Web accesses, software installed on servers and endpoints, and server-to-server communication. Organizations however using Whitelisting must have a fast response capability towards handling exceptions and the rarest of cases.

·         Enhancing the Browser security
With a majority of malware issues spreading via the Web and looking to exploit browser vulnerabilities, a hardened browser environment works towards eliminating such a major threat. With new technologies being regularly released from prominent vendors in the market, a full-proof browser security is no more an invincible prospect. www.pccare247.com

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