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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Good reasons for you to go ahead and replace your remote support tool

In order for the helpdesk to improve its responsiveness both on and off the corporate LAN; maybe it was about time one ended up reevaluating the remote support by adding new capabilities, increased efficiency and consolidated support tools.

However, all said and done, if we may only proceed and beg to ask what exactly would you really stand to gain by switching the remote support tool?

·         Enhanced technician efficiency via reduced average handling time
Any patented and cutting-edge remote support tool operating via point-to-point architecture enables technicians to reliably connect to remote PCs, Macs and smart phones – on or off LAN – approximately in as much as 20 to 30 seconds. A facet not only contributing to technician productivity but also reducing support costs. On an average, the switch to a better application can reduce every technician’s AHT (Average Handling Time) by one and a half hour every day.

·        Boosting up support capability through accentuated support for PCs, Macs, Smart phones with a single tool
Remote Tech Support
The move to support mobile applications or add support for smart phones calls in the need to rope in an application with an edge. The same tool should not only ease the workflow but also act as a best possible support tool for remote PCs, Macs and Smart Phones.

·         Increased security risk
A good deal of legacy IT management tools boast of an ability to remote control end user machines without prompting an end user. Even though the same concept is intended for unattended management it can end up posing as a major security risk to Accounting, Legal and Finance departments.

·       Improvement in Support Efficiency not only leads to ease of use but a greater degree of integration with support workflows
Any remote support solution can be more valuable if the interface is intuitive for technicians and integrates easily with existing support tools such as ticketing and CRM software. All the more when any technician’s interface maps to support workflows and is well-integrated, the requirement to hop between desktop screens is done away with.

·         Decreasing support costs through effective communication and reduced telecom costs
Escalations, expensive callbacks and long phone times can drive up support costs. Shifting support interactions from phone-based support to online channels like chat, email and Web forms as techniques can save an organization’s money in big time.


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  2. Not so long ago I started to develop my own business where remote desktop tool is the main instrument. I’m the owner of a small IT helpdesk service so my business is literally based on this software. So I was choosing my main tool with accuracy. Logmein and Teamviewer gained great reputation but their prices are unreasonably high in my opinion. I was also looking for very easy in use product because not all of my clients are computer experts. And finally chose Techinline:)
    So you can check out what I have as a result:

    P.S would definitely recommend this software:)

    1. hey thanks for your suggestion. Will definitely look hard into it.

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