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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Four ethos of complete web protection for attaining ‘Net Nirvana’

Tackle the most potent Web threats head on by following these four rules of complete web protection:

Rule 1: Decrease the attack surface
For reducing the size of any attack surface try and avoid not only any obvious threats but also try and eliminate all vulnerabilities by:

-          URL filtering of Malicious and inappropriate sites
URL filtering is highly effective at blocking thousands of new malware sites, SEO poisoning attacks and hijacked trusted sites popping up on a daily basis.

-          Application control 
Unnecessary and unauthorized applications increase the attack surface area by exposing more potential targets. Giving hackers an opportunity for exploiting holes in applications such as web browsers, PDF readers, media players, toolbars, instant messaging (IM) clients and peer-to-peer (P2P) clients.

-          Patching 
It’s estimated that 90% of attacks against software vulnerabilities could be prevented with an existing patch or configuration setting. So,
·         Monitor the latest patches from widely-used commercial software
·         Prioritize patches tied to critical, in-the-wild threats
·         Don’t leave patching up to users—identify which endpoints have the latest patches

Rule 2: Protect everywhere
Your users are no longer tethered to the network, so keeping them safe has become more difficult. You need to protect them wherever they are through:

-          Endpoint web protection
Protecting users is easy with web protection integrated into an endpoint. This way, they can take their web protection with them, wherever they go. What’s more, you can even account for their activity and update policy in the same way you would if they were in the office.

-          Mobile device control
The explosion in mobile working and super fast connections means that securing data at every point is a priority. You need to be able to set security policies for the latest mobile devices and remote lock or wipe them if they go missing.

Virus Removal
Rule 3: Stop attacks and breaches
It’s time to move beyond signatures. With innovations like real-time updates, you can stop new threats instantly via:

-          Anti-malware 
A real-time web threat scanning engine is perhaps the single most essential component in a web protection solution. To be effective, it must scan all web traffic, including trusted content and identifying known threats as well as any new zero-day exploits.

-          Live antivirus 
With so many new and unknown threats emerging daily, your threat protection needs to be updated constantly. Live antivirus technology keeps a PC user safe by checking for new threats in real time.

Rule 4: Keep people working
Security measures shouldn’t get in the way of your daily business. At the same time, you need to keep your employees from accessing risky sites acting as a treat to your environment.

-          Productivity filtering 
Prohibiting access to illegal, inappropriate or non-business-critical web content is a standard practice for businesses, as it should be. Supplementing productivity filtering with live URL filtering and malware detection to block threats alongside proxy filtering ends up keeping rogue users from bypassing productivity filtering or acceptable use policies.

-          Visibility 
It is vital to monitor user activity and identify problematic behavior before it ends up becoming a real issue. If you offer an open policy and see repeated offensive content being accessed, you can either implement more stringent controls or talk to offending users before a legal proceeding ends becoming a reality.

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