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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Look Out!! The cyber criminals are looking to expand their territory

Rush for cover!! For the Cyber Goons are headed for your PC. And in their kitty they are carrying a good number of techniques to fetch malware from the Web and push it into your PC. Before it gets too late, we thought why not go ahead and apprise you of all the techniques they intend to bring into play. Getup!! Go ahead and take note. Learn their techniques and get a good understanding of the weapons mentioned below they intend on using in order to breakdown your defenses.  

Protect PC from Hackers
The Hackers Inc. weapons of choice are out!!

·         Blackhat SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Be very afraid!! The cyber thieves are always on the lookout to rank malware pages way up on the search engines.

·         Socially motivated Click-Jacking
It is a popular technique for tricking users to click on highly innocent looking pages

·         Spearphising Portals
These sites end up mimicking legitimate institution such as banks for stealing account login credentials

·         Malvertising
Embedding malware in ads displayed across hundreds of legitimate high-end traffic sites

·         Compromised Legitimate Portals
Hosts embedded malware spreading across to unsuspecting visitors

·         Drive-by Downloads
Exploiting flaws in a browser software for installing malware residing on a Web Page


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