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Sunday, 11 March 2012

The 5 hidden costs of using free remote access tools for Tech Support

Remote support tools might end up costing you the moon or on a flipside may not even cost you a penny. But pay heed to the latter part, because in spite of ones who think they are saving money might be asking for trouble in the long run. How?? Read on and get a better idea, for we want to let you know what exactly happens when you end up using free remote access tools for support.

Technical SupportBig Hassles Lurk with Free Support tools

-          Inability to add more customers cost-effectively
In spite of legacy tools providing cutting-edge remote access for specific systems and applications, they at the end of the day also leave gaps in security, connectivity, diagnostics and reporting. On the other hand, free remote access and meeting tools also do not offer features for helpdesk managers such as technician monitoring, session reports or customer surveys. Features considered responsible for a more productive helpdesk and a flawless customer support services which enable entities to retain clients.

-          Accentuated helpdesk costs due to ‘management’ sans any data
Whenever helpdesk technicians tend to operate in the absence of comprehensive reporting capabilities, they are left with no data for analysis, to identify trends or predict hotspots. On the other hand, next-generation support tools come in good towards helping track technical issues and creating an atmosphere resulting in IT helpdesk cost savings, increased technician productivity and less downtime for end users; further translating to higher satisfaction.

-          Unhappy and inconvenienced end users
Usage of legacy tools prevents helpdesk from sharing their screen with end users and subsequently training them on new applications or at the same time showing them how recurrent issues could be fixed. To add more to the situation on hand any cutbacks in IT staff, the proliferation of mobile devices and increased worker mobility, seemingly low-cost solutions end up leading to exorbitant end user downtime, lost data and opportunity cost for the business.

-          Less opportunity for adding new services revenue
In the preset era; end users need a great degree of support for smart phones, laptops and desktops – sometimes simultaneously. For any downtime would mean lost productivity, gaps in client service and other issues which would prove harmful for the business. Therefore, it is imperative to address technical issues across varied platforms so that new services would lead to high profits and the very best of service and support.

-          Potential for a tarnished professional image and brand
Free remote support lack customization capabilities big time, nor do they support multiple connection methods for clients. So, in this regards helpdesk and support teams present the best opportunity for promoting a service and making it easier for end users to request support. But then again, on the contrary, if the remote support interface can’t be customized, clients end up missing out on an opportunity to present a professional appearance, gain efficiencies and promote their business.

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