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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Keep Cyber attackers at bay with these easy pointers

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Lately have you felt your PC has been at the receiving end of attacks launched by Cyber criminals or attackers? Do you feel they are hell bent on ensuring your PC gets reduced to a pile of heap? If yes, then start paying heed to these pointers for they would end up coming in good to bolster the defense mechanism of your PC big time. So, go ahead and read all such pointers in order to bolster your PC’s defense mechanism big time. Starting with:   

·    Get the senior management onboard – The prospect of getting the senior management onboard augurs well because a PC user would always be made aware about the risks and opportunities out there in the cyber world.

·    Take a good hard look as to how prepared your organization is prepared to take on cybercrime – unlike the traditional economic crimes, cybercrime is fast-paced and new risks emerge all the time; meaning the organization needs to bring about a change in its procedures to continually take on such challenges head on.

·       Awareness about the current and emerging cyber environment enables an organization to make well-informed decisions and do the right things at the right times.

·   By setting up a cyber incident response team that can act and adapt quickly – the organization can always end up tracking, do risk-assessment and deal with incidents as soon as they are spotted in a business.

·     Recruiting people with the relevant skills and experience helps in creation of a ‘cyber-aware’ organization that can end up protecting itself better.

·    Taking a tough and clearer stance on cybercrime enables an organization to take the requisite legal action against cyber criminals and announcing what it really intends to do about any future threats and incidents.

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